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React native is an open-source JavaScript library used to build cross-platform mobile apps. JavaScript is a core of react native and it also comes with necessary API elements to design a user interface and other functionalities of the mobile app. The react native comes with multiple advantages to building a stunning mobile application. To custom react native app development there are some steps are listed below: · To handle multiple screens, arrange a visual storyboard. · Make the app lightweight and do not add unwanted windows. · Integrate an editor tool in the web browser in case it is required to edit the code during development. · Pick the suitable pre-defined templates from the existing set to design a user interface and other features of the app. Apart from this react native is also compatible with third-party plugins. · Must create and map data models that will lead to auto-generation of APIs · Preview the mobile application during development on the dashboard. Here are top notch custom react native development.



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